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What if wealth is more than money?

“I won’t tell you the investments I recommend will 'outperform' most of your neighbors’ investments. I certainly don't rule it out; I just can’t promise it — nor can any other advisor — and in the end, 'outperformance' has almost no connection with what I do for my clients. What I can confidently say, is that by applying proven and tested principles, you should end up with a far better lifetime return than do most of your neighbors. Seeing that these are two different things and why they are two different things is the beginning of wisdom and understanding what I do.”

—  N I C K   M U R R A Y

At VERITY Wealth Partners, we believe financial wealth is important and must be stewarded well. However, financial wealth is only one part of the story. In our view, true wealth — that is to say, family wealth — is economic, relational, physical and emotional / spiritual. These four aspects are inextricably linked and an imbalance in one can create an imbalance in the others.   

Investments and account balances have great value in the context of family relationships that are healthy, meaningful, and fulfilling. In the same manner, if you exhaust your health to accumulate financial assets, but never get to enjoy them, they have little meaning. We are convinced that your financial wealth should serve your relationships and not the other way around. This unique perspective makes us well suited to serve high net worth clients who are guided by a sense of values and vision that sees beyond market outperformance, or rates of return. Achieving financial and life goals is the primary concern and risk / returns should be aligned to leverage your assets to this end, not risk them unnecessarily.  

Family wealth does not happen without intention and it’s not a function of being rich in the traditional sense. Instead, family wealth is the result of aligning your plans to specific goals tied to body, mind, and spirit. We advise clients in this space and with this intention: to see you increase the use, enjoyment, and impact of your family’s wealth across multiple generations.