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How we work

“We can't predict the future, but we can plan for it.”

—  H O W A R D   M A R K S

As a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, we act as a fiduciary for all clients. VERITY is independent, objective, and legally bound to serve your best interests. Our engagements range from deep and comprehensive planning  to addressing a singular issue of imminent importance. Planning can be performed in one single engagement, or across a broader timeline in a natural progression. Regardless of approach, we always come alongside clients to streamline their financial complexity, removing the sense of burden and anxiety that can come with managing wealth.

Each plan we create is custom in addressing your specific season of life while keeping the future in focus. Whether your concerns include business succession, tax planning, college funding, retirement, wealth transfer — or all of the above — we have the experience to advise you. We can collaborate with your existing team of professionals, or refer you to our extended team which includes insurance and risk management, separate account managers, estate planners, and attorneys.

VERITY takes time to fully understand your challenges, opportunities, and desired outcomes. We study, evaluate, and test before we recommend. The planning process is informative to the investment implementation. We don’t believe in taking risk simply for the sake of returns. We use a concierge-like approach so the expertise you need remains easy to access and comes from a familiar source as we earn even greater levels of trust through time and experience together.

Often, financial planning has been diluted to a single event culminating in a massive report of information so detailed it is confusing and often overwhelming. We like to take a different approach letting clients set their own pace. We believe planning works best when it is fully collaborative and engaging — if we attempt to move too fast or go too deep, the intention and meaning may be lost in exchange simply for the goal of completion.  

Instead, we prefer a process of mutual discovery which is conversational in nature. This helps us determine together if a full financial plan is necessary, or if there are only certain areas that truly need addressing. The scope of the engagement is driven by actual need not rigid processes. Starting with the end in mind is helpful and once the outcome is determined, we can reverse-engineer the steps and timeline needed to complete the process. Typical engagements range from two to five meetings.