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Guided by principles to extend wealth across generations

“You can’t leave character in a trust account. You cant write your values in to the Will. You cant bank traits like courage, honesty, and compassion in a safe-deposit box. What we need is a plan — a long term strategy to convey our convictions to the next generation.”

—  T I M  K I M M E L

Values-Based Planning
You’ve worked hard to achieve your success. We help you extend this success through your lifetime and beyond. According to a study of more than 3,200 high net worth families by the Williams Group wealth consultancy, today, about seven in ten wealthy families lose their fortune by the second generation. By the third generation, the number jumps to 90% (2017). We believe it doesn’t have to be this way. Our firm assists in navigating multi-generational wealth transfers so the benefits of your success can endure.

Designed Around You
Our planning process is designed to consider both life and wealth goals. We believe these should be held in tension as opposed to competition. They should inform your decisions jointly. When these goals are interwoven, true family wealth is created and preserved. This is the reason VERITY exists.